Angie Hagan, CPM, LM, BSN, RN

 Since 2001 I have been honored to serve as a midwife at more than 200 home births. I am a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed in the states of New Mexico and Texas, with experience in water birth and VBAC.  

I was drawn to midwifery after my own experiences giving birth by unplanned Cesarean Section  followed by two home birth VBACs attended by midwives. 

I trained through Ancient Art Academics and at Maternidad La Luz midwifery school in El Paso TX, graduating in 2001  and attaining certification through the North American Registry of Midwives.  I have attended births for 13 years: 8 years as a midwife with a group practice and as an instructor at Maternidad La Luz for 2 years. I began Open Circle Homebirth in 2009.

My work as a midwife has led me to explore both alternative and conventional healing philosophies.  I integrate these modalities into my care, recognizing the value that each can have when applied judiciously and with the full participation of the individual client. I am currently working towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner, with the goal of providing full spectrum, holistic family health care to my clients throughout their lives.

I am happy to answer questions about my services, costs, availability and home birth in general. Please contact me by e-mail with your questions or to set up a free initial interview:


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